Newsletter of the Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland
EDITOR: Jim Maness


The Hammer and Tong is the newsletter of the Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland, Inc. and is published every other month. The newsletter is a wealth of information about and for the members of the Guild. There are articles on blacksmithing in general, trip reports, book reviews, tips from members and other guilds, and sometimes just our thoughts on blacksmithing.

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As a service to our members, we also publish classified ads to assist in the sale of blacksmithing related items, or to help locate items wanted: tools, anvils, steel, etc.

Blacksmithing is an art, craft, vocation, hobby, and living history. We encourage the exchange of information about blacksmithing and allow other blacksmithing newsletters to use non-copyrighted items from our newsletter, as long as credit is given to the originator.

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