Include year of birth
if under age 18.

Liability Release

I understand that blacksmithing and other metal work are inherently dangerous activities and agree to attend and participate in any and all Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland events at my own risk.

Further, I agree to wear all required safety equipment including, but not limited to, safety glasses.

I understand if I am not wearing said safety equipment, I may be asked to leave and agree to do so.
I release The Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland, Inc., its members and officers from liability should there occur an injury or accident while I am participating in any Guild sponsored activity.

Signed:__________________________________ Date:__________________________

Fill out and print the application. You may bring it to a meeting or mail it along with a check for $30.00 ($35.00 for family membership) yearly dues to:

Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland
500 South Center Street
Westminster, MD 21157