Helpful Blacksmith Links

Every effort is made to ensure that these links are current, but they reflect the dynamic nature of not only the Internet, but our Hobby/Profession as well. Sites come and go or change URLs, so if you find a dead link or one that is not current, please notify the Webmaster.


Blacksmith Suppliers


Blacksmiths' Websites

ABANA Resources Page John C Campbell Folk School Anvil-Art                                     Doug Adelmann
Argon Tool & Manufacturing New England School of Metalwork Badger Village                          Steve Hackbath
Blacksmith's Depot (Kayne&Son) Ozark School of Blacksmithing Bear Hill Blacksmith                       Ralph Sproul
Blacksmith Supply Peters Valley Craft Center Bighorn Forge                                Dan Nauman
Centaur Forge Penland School of Crafts Blacksmith Chic                              Lorelei Sims
Damasteel Touchstone Center for Crafts British Blacksmith                        Shelley Thomas
Euro Anvils   Cardine Studios                             Paul Cardine
Forging Hammers Sales and Service Blacksmith Information Clay Hill Forge                                  Dale Morse
Iron Kiss Utility Hammers Forge & Burner Design Page Custer Forge & Welding                Rick Leeson
Ironwood   Cross Custom Works                Chuck McIsaac
Jere Kirkpatricks Valley Forge

Non-Profit Blacksmith Sites

Dillion Forge                                Michael Dillion
KA 75 Power Hammer


Dragonfly Enterprises              Randy McDaniel
King Architectural Metals British Artist Blacksmiths Association Dry Canyon Forge                               Joe Elliott
King Steel & Supply National Ornamental & Misc Metals Association Fels                      Phoebe Palmer & Peter Fels
Laurel Machine & Foundry   Flicker Forge                       L. Japheth Howard
McMaster-Carr Supply   Form & Reform                        John Sarriugarte
Metal Finishing

Historic Sites

Frabotta Iron Works                         Bill Frabotta 
Old World Anvils

Hopewell Furnace Historic Site

                                                           Gary Gloyne
Peddinghaus Sloss Furnaces Historic Landmark                                                   Gerald Dronbach
Pieh Tool Company Saugus Iron Works Historic Site Guadalupe Forge                  Rick & Sheri Ross
Real Wrought Iron Company Metal Museum Ice Forge
Refflinghaus Anvils   Iron Apple Forge                       Joseph G. Beck
Riverside Machine   Jozef's Custom Ironwork          Jozef Witkowski
Shop Outfitters   Koka Metalsmiths
Striker Tools   Leaning Oak Forge                              Jeff Fetty
Tennessee Fabricating Company

Related Sites

Lone Star Forge                           Paul Matthaus
Weldsale Company American Bladesmith Society Lowell Chaput Metalsmith           Lowell Chaput


American Craft Council                                                          Lucian Avery
Anvil Magazine Artisan Ideas Mandala Creations in Iron               Chris Gavin
Blacksmiths Journal Artist Help Network Magic Hammer Forge                   Dave Mudge
Blue Moon Press Artslynx International Art Resources McLellan Blacksmithing              John McLellan
Hephaistos Crafts Council of Ireland Metalsmiths                    F.A.Crist & D.W. Dunn
Oak and Iron Publishing Craft Emergency Relief Fund Nibelingenschmiede      Peter & Nicole Gagstetter
METALSMITH Magazine Frazier Historical Arms Musuem Orlando Forge                          Charles Orlando
SkipJack Press Free Health Insurance Quote Phillips Metal                               Robert Phillips
The Artist Blacksmith Quarterly Ganoskin Postville Blacksmith  T.Suthers & Bob Bergman

Websites & Chat Sites

Home & Garden Television Samuel Yellin Metalworkers             Clare Yellin
ABANA Forums Insurance Information Institute Schiff Architectural Detail                   Jeff Schiff
Anvilfire Library of Congress Gateway Schindler Metalworks               Gudio Schindler National Assoc for the Self-Employed Shadey Grove Blacksmithing        Dick Nietfeld
Blacksmiths At Yahoo North Carolina Arts Council Sword and Stone                           Tony Swatton
Elektric Anvil Preservation Trades Network Thorne Metals                                   Paul Thorne
Forge and Anvil Sculptor.Org Velvet Hammer                             Roberta Elliott
Forgemagic Crafts Report White Horse Forge                          Bob Becker Davistown Museum Wrought Iron Art Ltd                     Oleg Shyshkin
News Group-alt.craft.blacksmithing Society of North American Goldsmiths Wyoming Metal Smiths                    Rick Mettes
Scandinavian Blacksmith Forum Victoria & Albert Museum  
Slack-Tub Pub Welding 101 by Dragon Fire Tools  
The Anvil    
TheForge Mailing List    
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