Forging Contests Rules


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Knife from Recycled Materials

Judges - Stacy Aplet and J. Neilson


1.   Blade must be forged from "recycled" item(s). Examples: saw blades, motorcycle chain, railroad spike, etc. "Cut-offs" /drops of steel stock are not considered recycled material for this contest.

2.  Handle must be recycled also: Wood from a firewood pile, old fencepost, old barn, blue jeans etc. Stabilizing or surface treatments will be allowed.

3.  Guard and/or pin stock may but does not need to be recycled material.

4.  Use of recycled materials should be evident on the completed knife, or evidence of the use of recycled materials must be provided by the entrant to the satisfaction of the judges.  In process photos clearly showing the forged blade with an unforged end still attached submitted along with this unforged  cutoff is acceptable evidence. 

5. The spirit of this contest is to make a knife using recycled materials. Keep this in mind when selecting materials and forging your knife.  The contest judges decision regarding questionable material use will be final.




Dorothy Stiegler, Becky Little & Nick Vincent


1.  Forge a Flower(s) of your choice. The Flower(s) may be separate or incorporated into a forged item

2.  Must be made entirely by the person entering them

3.  Items will be judged by the Demonstrators on both their artistic and technical forging characteristics


On Site Forging Contest


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Rules will be announced the day of the contest.