May 20 & 21, 2006

Carroll County

Farm Museum


 Forged Items


1.    “A Pair of Items”

2.    Knife


Also: On Site

Forging Contest



(Includes Lunch Sat & Sun)

      $25.00  In Advance

$30.00 At The Gate


Forged Iron Auction

 4:30PM Saturday


Public Welcome


Enter from 12:00 to 5:00PM

for the Regular

Farm Museum Entry Fee

Present the 18th Annual

Blacksmith Days

Up and Coming Blacksmiths - The Future of Forging

Tim Beachley        Matt Harris    Chris Holt

 Dragonhead Fireplace Set           Traditional Grille  and         Anvil Stakes and Hardies

Using a Flypress      Non-Ferrous Forging - Hydraulic Press        Striking Techniques

Demonstrations by Local Guild Members


Dave Morgan

Walter VanAlstine

Teddy Gregor



Brass Casting


Marvin Shipley 

Kerry  Stagmer 

John Larson


Leather Work  


“Iron Kiss” Air Hammers

Saturday, May 20

  8:00 AM                               Gates Open Continental Breakfast (Tailgaters set up at 7:00AM)

  8:00 AM  -        ????          Tailgating (Sales of Tools, Books, and Blacksmith’s Equipment)

  9:00 AM  -      NOON          Demonstrations ( Tim Beachley and Matt Harris )

  9:00 AM  -       NOON         Forging Contest – Chris Holt Instruction and Assistance

     NOON  -   1:00 PM          Lunch -  Iron-in-the-Hat  Drawing at 12:30 (Tickets on sale til 12:15)   

  1:00 PM  -   4:00 PM         Demonstrations ( Tim Beachley and Matt Harris )

     NOON  -    4:00 PM         Forging Contest – Chris Holt Instruction and Assistance

  4:00 PM  -   4:30 PM         Judging of Forged Items and Live Forging Contest

  4:30 PM  -   5:30 PM         Auction of Forged Items

  5:30 PM  -        ????          Dinner in the Museum Barn (Pre-Registration Required)

                                                Demonstrators will speak briefly about their ventures into

                                                Blacksmithing,  followed by informal discussion

Sunday, May 21

  8:00 AM                               Gates Open Continental Breakfast (Tailgaters may enter at 7:00AM)

  8:00 AM  -   4:00 PM         Tailgating (Sales of Tools, Books, and Blacksmith’s Equipment)

  9:00 AM  -   4:00 PM         Workshop with Tim Beachley (Limited to 6 slots)

  9:00 AM  -      NOON          Demonstrations (Matt Harris and Chris Holt)

     NOON  -   1:00 PM          Lunch - Iron-in-the-Hat  Drawing at 12:30 (Tickets on sale til 12:15)

  1:00 PM  -   4:00 PM         Demonstrations (Matt Harris and Chris Holt)

  3:00 PM                               Silent Auction Ends

  4:00 PM                               Raffle Drawings: Iron & Marble Table - Knife – Portable Band Saw


Tim Beachley

Tim's involvement in metal work began in 1998 while taking a welding class at Frederick Community College.  After a second welding class and two machining classes he began building metal furniture and railings. Unable to create the forms he wanted through fabrication, he began looking into forging. Tim completed a basic blacksmithing class at the Carroll County Farm Museum Westminster, MD in 2001 and has been forging for about 4 1/2 years. His work includes furniture, hardware, housewares (fireplace tools, candle holders, trivets, etc.), and railings. The majority of his work is hand forged with traditional elements such as forge welding, rivets, and mortise and tenon joinery. Tim is a near fulltime blacksmith who lives and smiths in Frederick County, MD.

Matt Harris

Matt began his smithing career in 1997 apprenticing himself to master blacksmith Al Moolenschot. In 1999 he attended three special workshops at Rob Hudson's Sycamore Forge focusing on damascus knife making. The apprenticeship included three years full time study with the special emphasis on traditional forging, forge welding, fabrication, design and decorative artwork. In 2003 he received journeyman papers from Mr. Mollenschot. Matt also worked for the Michael M. Coldren Co. for five years forging reproduction hardware for fine homes from Maine to Florida. He specialized in designing dies for forging, traditional locksmithing, whitesmithing, and restoration of historic ironwork. In March of 2005, he opened his own shop, the Harris Metalsmith Studio, specializing in fine architectural metalwork including garden gates, railings, sculpture, hardware and reproduction ironwork. He uses wrought iron, steel, stainless, aluminum, brass, copper, and bronze in his work.

Chris Holt

Chris started forging on an estate in southwest Wales in 1999 where he worked with  master blacksmith Ronnie Pitt. Attending BABA meetings, he decided to come to America for the  bladesmithing school and journeyman program. Chris spent three weeks at the bladesmithing school, and three months on the road as a journeyman smith (Bob Bergman, Bill Epps, Ric Furrer, Greg Campbell).  He then spent two years working on archtectural and industrial forging with Black Rose Forge (some $200,000 comissions) Chris is presently studying at Anne Arundel Community college and is in last  semester of a nursing degree (RN). He is also the president of Chesapeake forge Guild with new traditional post frame building located at Kinder farm park near Annapolis. Chris enjoys teaching  blacksmithing when he can.


(Donations are encouraged and appreciated)

Silent Auction Saturday/Sunday

Attendee’s  may consign blacksmithing/metal working tools and equipment Consignments subject to 20% auction commission Maryland sales tax (5%) will be charged Include list/description of items to be consigned with registration


Drawings for:

Forged Iron & Marble Table















Dave Morgan Knife




DeWalt D38770K Portable Band Saw


The items will be on display and tickets will be available on until 15 minutes before the drawing.


Auction of Forged Iron  Saturday

Smiths Submitting Items get 50% of Proceeds for Items they submit.  Seen Registration form for details.

Portfolio and Forged Items Display Tables

Bring examples of your work and/or portfolio to network with other smiths and show the public.  The Farm Museum is open to the Public from 12:00-5:00PM on Saturday and Sunday when they may observe Blacksmith Days activities


Forged Items Contest Rules for A Pair of Items and Knife Contests

1.  Items must be made entirely by the person entering them.

2.  Items will be judged by the Registered Attendees at Blacksmith Days.  Each attendee will be given a ballot at registration for both contests.

 3.  Attendees are asked to consider both the artistic and technical forging characteristics of the contest items. 

 4. Contest Prizes will be on display at Blacksmith Days

 5.  Registration for contest is from 8 AM till Noon on Saturday

 6.  Judging and voting by attendees will be from Noon til 4 PM on Saturday


Consider submitting your entries to the Auction


On Site Forging Contest

Come prepared to test you forging Skills! 




Local Accommodations

Best Western:     451 Western Maryland College Drive

                                Westminster         (410) 857-1900

The Boston Inn: 533 Baltimore Blvd

                                Westminster         (410) 848-9095

Days Inn:              25 South Cranberry Rd

                                Westminster         (410) 857-0500


Ted McNett,        2006 Blacksmith Days Chairman         (717) 646-9839      E-Mail:

Check back for updates and additional info

Blacksmith Days Pre-Registration Form

Must be Received No Later Than May 1, 2006

(Complete BOTH Sides of Form)

Mail Check Payable to:

Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland with Completed Registration Form to:

BGCM C/O Judy Heinekamp, 4202 Deer Park Road, Randallstown, MD 21133

(410) 922-1246

Note: No pets are allowed on the Farm Museum Property

Name: ________________________________________________________________  Adult/Child

Address: _______________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________________     State: ________    Zip: ____________

Telephone: _________________________________

E-Mail: ______________________________     Sign _______________________Date___/___/___


(Send Separate Form for Different Address)

Name 2: _____________________ Adult/Child 

Name 3: _____________________ Adult/Child 

Name 4: _____________________ Adult/Child 

Name 5: _____________________ Adult/Child


(Signatures Corresponding to Names at left)

Sign 4 ___________________ Date___/___/___

Sign 4 ___________________ Date___/___/___

Sign 4 ___________________ Date___/___/___

Sign 4 ___________________ Date___/___/___

Liability Release

This event is a non-profit project of The Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland, INC., for the purpose of reviving the art and craft of blacksmithing.  While all reasonable precautions are taken to prevent personal injury to participants and their property, I recognize that there are inherent dangers connected with this activity, as well as other common hazards that exist in any phase of daily activity.  All who participate, and accompanying guests, release The Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland, INC., its members and officers, and the demonstrator/instructor from liability should there occur an injury or accident involving anyone while participating in this event.  I have read and understand these conditions.  I agree to hold blameless all parties helping to put on this event, for any claim arising from injury or property damage.















Admission (Good for  Saturday and Sunday)

Adults @ $25.00 each  

Children ( 12 &  Under) If Accompanied by a Paid Adult


Dinner on Saturday Evening

Pre-Registration required  ($ 5.00 per Adult)


Raffle Tickets for Iron & Marble Serving Table         ($1.00 ea) 

Raffle Tickets for Skinning Knife by Dave Morgan ($1.00 ea)

Raffle Tickets  for DeWalt Portable  Band  Saw       ($1.00 ea)

6 for $5.00 13 for $10.00 in any combination of  tickets




=$ __________




=$ __________


=$ __________

=$ __________

=$ __________



=$ __________


Tailgating:    Yes___ No___ 

Forged Iron Work Auction

Submit Items and/or photos early to be used in advertisement.  Submit estimated value and set a reserve price if desired.  Smith submitting an item gets 50% of the winning bid for that item.

Contact Ted McNett  (717) 646-9839      E-Mail:

(Include a list and description of items below (attach separate list if more space is needed)







Silent Auction Items (20% Commission)








Don’t forget to bring donations for Iron in the Hat

Limited On-Site Camping Available

Come and share the evening with fellow blacksmiths discussing the day’s events

(Public restrooms are available, No Hook-Ups or Showers)

Want Space for:      RV__     Tent___

Note: All Campers will be required to sign a Farm Museum Liability Release Statement on arrival at the Farm Museum.  Text of the release statement:

In consideration of being allowed to camp overnight on Farm Museum property in connection with the BGCM Blacksmith Days event taking place on the following date(s) May 20 & 21, 2006, camper agrees to indemnify and save harmless the County, Commissioners of Carroll County, its officers agents, employees and volunteers  from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, damages, costs and suits arising, occurring or resulting from any personal injury and damage to or loss of property of any nature caused by, arising out of or in any way connected with camping on the Farm Museum property, 500 South Center Street, Westminster, Maryland.