Carroll County Farm Museum

2008 Schedule of Events





Jan  11-13    (Fri/Sat/Sun)

Gichner’s Hammer-In

Demonstrator: Paul Thorne Anacortes, Washington

Jan 20                      (Sun)

BGCM Monthly Meeting

Trade Item: An Edged Tool ( Knife, Chisel, Etc.)

Feb  9-10          (Sat/Sun)

Damascus (Cable & Pattern Welded)

Instructor: Ted McNett

Feb 17                      (Sun)

BGCM Monthly Meeting

Trade Item: Something with a Heart

Feb  23                       (Sat)

Dan Boone’s Pasture Party

 Demonstrator: The crew from Big Blu Hammers

Mar 1-2              (Sat/Sun)

Beginner's Class                           

Instructor: Albin Drzewianowski

Mar 4,11,18,25 - Apr 1(  Tues)

Beginner's Class     Evenings    6-9:30 PM

Instructor: Albin Drzewianowski

Mar  8-9             (Sat/Sun)

Basic Knife Making                        

Instructor: Walter VanAlstine

Mar  16                     (Sun)

BGCM Monthly Meeting

Trade Item:  Cooking Ladle

Mar  21-23        (Fri - Sun)

Fire & Brimstone Hammer In

Demonstrators: Jesus Hernandez, Walter Sorrells, Kerry Stagmer,   Rick Barrett, Matt Stagmer, Rob Decker, Alice St. Germain-Gray

Mar  29-30          (Sat/Sun)

Furnace Town Joint Meeting Canceled

Demonstrator: Jonathan Nedbor

Apr    13                    (Sun)

BGCM Monthly Meeting

Trade Item: Blacksmith Tool

Apr  18-20         (Fri-Sun)

BGOP Spring Fling

 Demonstrators: James Viste, Craig Barr, Ken Schwarz, JJ Roberts

Apr  21-25       (Mon-Fri)

CCFM Traditional Arts Week


Apr  21-24      (Mon-Thu)

4 Day Beginner's Class    9AM - 5PM               

 Instructor: Albin Drzewianowski

Apr  26-27       (Sat/Sun)

Intermediate Class                          

 Instructor: Ted McNett

May  3- 4          (Sat/Sun)

Civil War Living History Encampment


May  17-18       (Sat/Sun)

BGCM Blacksmith Days

Contest Items: 1- Sample Grille      2- Bowie Knife

May 31-Jun  (Sat/Sun)

Forge Welding Class                               

Instructor: Bill Clemens

Jun     7                     (Sat)

Spring Muster & Antique Fire Equipment


Jun     8                   (Sun)

Fiddler's Convention


Jun      7                     (Sat)

PABA Blacksmith Day at Kutztown


Jun  14-15       (Sat/Sun)

Beginner's Class                               

Instructor: Albin Drzewianowski

Jun  28-29       (Sat/Sun)

Forging Nature's Forms                                

Instructor: Tim Beachley

Jun  22                    (Sun)

BGCM Monthly Meeting

Trade Item: Colonial Cooking Utensil

Jul  7-11           (Sat/Sun)

Beginner's Class    Mornings                           

Instructor: Ted McNett

Jul  20                     (Sun)

BGCM Monthly Meeting

Trade Item: Non-Ferrous Metal Item

Jul 26-27         (Sat/Sun)

Beginner's  Class                               

Instructor: Bill Clemens

Aug  17                    (Sun)

BGCM Monthly Meeting

Trade Item: Ice Cream Scoop

Sep 4-7          (Thurs-Sun)

The Atlantic Coast Blacksmith Conference

Ashokan Center in Olivebridge, NY


Mark Aspery, David Norrie, and Peter Ross

Sep 6-7              (Sat/Sun)

MASA Metalsmiths Conference

Tuckahoe Steam & Gas Association


Sep  27                    (Sat)

BGCM Fall Blacksmith Day

at B&O Train Museum in Ellicott City

Sep  28                    (Sun)

BGCM Monthly Meeting

Trade Item: Crab Knife, Mallet, or Cracker

Oct   19                    (Sun)

BGCM Monthly Meeting

Trade Item: Candle Holder

Oct  20 - 3Nov(Mon/Wed)

Beginner's Class  5   Evenings 6-9:30PM

Instructor: Albin Drzewianowski

Oct  25                    (Sat)

1st Principio Iron Furnace Hammer-In

Demonstrator: Mike Walker

Nov 8-9             (Sat/Sun)

Beginner's  Class                               

Instructor: Bill Clemens

Nov  16                    (Sun)

BGCM Monthly Meeting

Trade Item: Turkey Carving Knife

Dec 6-7             (Sat/Sun)

Beginner's  Class                               

Instructor: Ray Neubauer

Dec      13                  (Sat)

BGCM Holiday Party

Bear Branch Nature Center

4pm Set-Up and Decorate  5:30 Dinner

Trade Item: Ornament

Hashawha Environmental Center, 

300 John Owings Rd, Westminster

Dec 20 - 21      (Sat/Sun)

Forge Welding Class                               

Instructor: Bill Clemens


Demonstrators are needed for the Farm Museum’s Historic Forge

on the  Special Event Dates  listed above as well as anytime the Farm Museum is open. 

Contact Jacob Selmer to volunteer.

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